The Tardis Room 2-22-13

It was Ataxia Cab lite, last night in the Tardis. Our drummer Johnny was sick, but the show must go on. So Brian, Sean, and Anna took the stage and muscled through the set at the Dr. Who themed restaurant/bar. The Tardis was packed with peeps last night, who were all very kind and well receiving of our handicap. It was a lot of fun and we may even do a stripped down Ataxia Cab show in the future, and get Johnny some other forms of percussion pieces to rock. We must have done something right to be asked back!
It was Anna’s first performance with us, and she did great, you would have thought she’d been in the band since the get-go, she added so many great rhythms and harmonies, we could not of pulled off last night without her.
Thanks to everybody who came out to see us last night! Also thanks to Ron, the Tardis room for hosting, and Cedar Teeth for rocking the stage after we packed up!


Been a while, and NEW SHOW COMING UP!

First off we have our first show for 2013 coming up at the Tardis Room, which is a Dr. Who themed bar up on N. Killingsworth. Its on Feb 22 at 9pm.
Now for some catch up…
Most importantly we have added a fourth member to the band. Anna Trobaugh will be playing greatly needed rhythms on the guitar and piano to help fill out the band’s sound. Anna moved from to Portland from Bend last summer and plays many instruments besides guitar and piano, including mandolin, violin, viola and cello. She is also a conductor and orchestra director as well as giving private lessons. We are very fortunate to be able to add her talents to our group!!

Also since I last wrote the band has added 2 new songs to the set list.
The first is called Stick a Needle in your Eye, written by Sean, and we started playing it around the end of May 2012. Sean and Brian trade instruments on the song, Sean taking over on guitar and Brian playing bass.
The second song is called the Fondness, probably one of our shortest songs, th and was written by Brian. We started playing it the first week in Sept 2012.

We have played two shows since the last post as well, both took place at Mississippi Pizza pub.
The first one was on July 8th 2012. We played with Johnny and Brian’s old band mate Troy and his new band The Cookie Sounds. It was the first time we played Stick a needle in your Eye at a show. It was also a neat show cause Brian and Johnny’s father from Iowa was able to attend.
The second show, again at Mississippi pizza, took place on September 30th. It marked the first time the band had played The Fondness at a show.

1 year anniversary and Recording! 4-26-12

Hey we made it a whole year! It has been great fun, we played 7 shows, recorded 3 songs, set up a website, social media sites, and managed to get one of our songs on a pretty cool podcast. We’ll have to seen what we can cram into this year.
Tonight we started recording songs again, its the first time we have recorded since July, so hopefully new songs are on the way!

The Return to Mississippi Pizza

Good show last night, had way fewer technical problems than the last time. We had to run our own sound and a couple of the mics could have been a bit louder, but we didn’t have any of the feedback problems like the last time. The attendance was good, several friends showed up, and we had a few strangler that hung around from the trivia part of the night.
Thanks to everyone who came out on the rainy March night!!! We love you all!

P.S. Tune in on Saturday night, March 17th @ 8pm to We are going to be featured in a podcast. The host Andy from Tacoma WA is going to play “Have you seen her lately” and drop some info about the band!

Lents Commons 2-17-19

Another fun show, with more great bands. We have been very fortunate.
The line up, was
How to build a fire
Autumn Electric
Black, Smith, and Johnny Unicorn
Ataxia Cab
There was also another band added on to the very beginning of the show, while all the other bands were loading in, and unfortunately I didn’t catch their name. Autumn Electric and Johnny Unicorn are on a tour headed down to CA from their home town Seattle. Portland was their first stop.
All the guys in all the bands were super nice, and we would love to do a show with any of them again.
We went on kind of late around 11pm so a lot of people had dispersed by the time we went on, but a few people hung around and most of the other band members were still there.
We cut the covers out of our set and Any other way, for time. We also moved some songs around on the set list.
We opened with Adopted Highway instead of Any Other Way like we normally do, which we had planned before we cut it.
We also added extra percussion by Sean and Brian during Say it Softly and Flipside. We had added it on Say it Softly at the Backspace show and it filled out the song a bit, but last night was the first time on Flipside.
We had very few if any technical problems or screw ups making it one of our better shows sound wise too! I think we are definitely getting more comfortable playing out.

Lastly we we’re just asked to play Mississippi Pizza again!  This time it will be on a Wednesday night. March 14!  See you there!


What a great show with great bands! Thanks to everyone coming out. Thanks to Budget Airlines, Lubec and the Modern Golem. Also Thanks to the Backspace for having us.

We all played 30 min sets last night, so we cut
Any Other Way, UnGuarded Moment, and the Flipside from the set we have been gigging with lately.
Budget played first, they were very catchy, then we played, followed by Lubec. Lubec did a sweet cover of Shes Not There that had us singing along. The Modern Golem ended the night with killer songs, dancing peeps and awesome stage presence!